01 December 2006

Are You Giving Fear or Love?

In its most simple form, the choices you have come down to this – Fear or Love. You can choose to view anything from a context of fear or a context of love. And the only evidence you have of where you are coming from is how you feel and what you “know’ deep inside. Whatever the situation, circumstance or event – you can choose love instead of fear. When you choose love as your primary filter, it’s easier to accept things as they are, not as you expect them to be. When you remember that love is the main game, you move yourself from a place of fear -which manifests as anything from anxiety to terror - to a more resourceful, creative and peaceful place. And when you choose love moment by moment all your communication and thus all your relationships take on a softer, more expansive energy.

During this holiday season, where I, like many of you, will be spending time with family and friends I know that giving love to myself is just as important as giving it to others and that my willingness to let go, accept and allow also includes me – something I tend to forget when caught up in the whole Christmas ritual. So relax and enjoy giving and sharing love.

Wishing you and your loved ones peace and love and joy.

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