01 February 2007

You’ll Always Get What You Know You Will!

Whatever you think you want, whatever you think you are choosing, the reality is you will get exactly what you know you will, what you feel certain about. Not what you think most often about but what you feel most consistently about.

Now you may think you are clear when you have a clear concept or picture or form of what you want. But how do you feel? Do you feel completely clear and clean? Do you know you will manifest what you say you want? Really? Or is there a niggle of doubt? Do you feel a sense of “ah hah” deep inside, that “gut knowing” or do you feel anxious? Are you certain (like you are certain of your name or age)? Or are you hoping, wishing, praying, beseeching?

The secret to getting what you say you want lies in telling the truth about how you feel - on a sensory level (body response) emotionally (the meaning you give to everything) and the fundamental “gut” level (what you know).

For years I would write a new “life script” on December 31st. I would write down everything I wanted then wait anxiously for things to happen so I could feel valuable, powerful, lovable etc. Sometimes it worked and often it didn’t. Then I discovered that I was doing the process backwards. First I needed to know I am a lovable, valuable, powerful creator. To know who I am without doubt. Then choosing to manifest “stuff” was easy.

So next time you think you know what you want, check out how you feel – what’s really going on inside you. Pay attention to your “gut” response on a sensory level, notice and allow whatever emotional feelings you have and then tell the truth about what feels congruent and what doesn’t. You know what that is. And when you have emotional, sensory and “gut” alignment, manifestation is instantaneous!

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