01 April 2007

What You Do Doesn't Matter

Seriously, what you do doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter today and won’t matter 100 years from now. You may be feeling uncomfortable, even challenged by this idea - particularly if you happen to be invested in the “doing, doing, doing” paradigm that is all pervasive in our society. If you honestly think that what you do and how well you do it is what makes the difference– think again! If you think that what you do is important you are seriously deluded – yes, deluded because you have missed the whole point of BEING here!

You are here to BE the most magnificent you that you can BE. You are not here to DO anything in particular. You are here to BE you – nothing more and nothing less – simply BE you.

“But how do I DO that?” I can hear you ask…and herein lies the divine dichotomy…you do not get to BE who you are by DOING anything. You get to BE who you are by BEING who you are right now, and right now and right now …you get the point! When you let yourself BE wholly and fully who you are then whatever you DO makes a difference because of who you are being. And here’s the kicker – when you get that what you DO really doesn’t matter, then you are free to DO whatever you choose because you know that what really matters is who you are BEING while you do whatever you choose! Neat huh?


"You might as well BE yourself,
because everyone else is already taken."


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