01 June 2007

Who Are You?

What answer came to mind when you read this? Do you know who you are? Or are you still wondering? Maybe you have drifted off into your story about who you think you are… or maybe you just don’t know…

So stop for a moment and take a breath… connect with yourself… get into your body…feel what your body fees like…notice what you are feeling emotionally right now…and breathe… notice what you are thinking about… and breathe…

Whatever you just experienced, none of it is WHO YOU ARE. All of your experience is filtered through the sensory, emotional, physical, mental and psychic abilities you possess as a human being. None of it is who you are. You are not your body, or your mind, or your feelings, or your thoughts or your ideas, or any of the “stuff” you may think…

Who you are is BEING able to choose - to be, to do and to have - anything. Anything you can imagine, you can choose. So what choices are you choosing consciously and what choices are simply automatic habits that you keep recycling over and over again?

You cannot BE the most magnificent you can be by continuing to agree with your fearful judgements and opinions about yourself and others. You cannot be happy, peaceful, joyful and fulfilled by continuing to choose anger, frustration, anxiety, worry, stress, misery and pain in reaction to whatever is happening. And continuing to do so will not get a different outcome!

Being the most magnificent you that you can be firstly requires a willingness to accept that you are magnificent. Really. Then you need to engage in the process of becoming aware of who you really are and what’s really possible when you choose to BE all that you are moment by moment. And when you choose to truly engage in your own process with the conscious intention of knowing who you really are and being all you can be, magic happens and life takes on a whole new dimension.


"…if you knew Who You Are – that you are the most magnificent, the most remarkable, the most splendid being God has ever created – you would never fear… but you do not know Who You Are and you think you are a great deal less…"

Conversations with God Book 1 pp16

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