17 December 2008

What Are You Grateful For?

Well here we are again, another year has flown by and what a year it has been! Kevin said “Sorry”, Barack stepped up and made history, Morris stepped down, action on climate change was once again relegated to the back burner as the financial crisis took hold across the globe, and people everywhere started to become acutely aware of and really FEEL the insanity of the fear driven context that continues to inform our world experience.

And through it all how have you been responding (or reacting)? Who are you being right now in relationship to all the “stuff” that’s been occurring inside and outside you? What have you been making things mean and how can you remain peaceful and joyful on the roller-coaster ride of life?

Well again it’s a simple choice - Love or Fear ...

There has never been a better time to let go of fear and remember that LOVE is always the answer, no matter what the question. It’s the biggest opportunity you have ever created to truly embrace the paradigm of LOVE and everything it means moment by moment, to remember that you are powerful and valuable and able….able to choose in every moment who you are BEING in relationship to whatever is happening.

My choice is to be grateful. That’s right, grateful… I am grateful for all the stuff that keeps happening, all the “good’ and all the “bad”, for all the feelings I feel and all the thoughts I think and I am grateful for being who I am, here and now, because everything that is occurring is simply showing me where I still fear, where I still stop myself and where I still avoid being responsible, truly response-able for what I am experiencing.

As this year ends and I get ready to celebrate the holidays with my family and friends, I am grateful for being able to choose how I show up each and every moment. And I am grateful for my loving family and fabulous friends, clients, mentors, healers and wonderful, glorious people like you, continually showing me who I am and what’s possible when love is the main game.

My wish for you over this season of yuletide joy is that you remember to choose to be the grandest version of the greatest vision you can have of yourself, to love all of you and be grateful that you are. And enjoy!


The quote goes: "Love thy neighbour AS thyself" not instead of thyself, or before thyself, or rather than thyself, but AS THYSELF!

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