24 February 2009

What Happens When You Go Deeper?

I have been in heaven this past week. The Open Up Communication Training Program which began on February 18th was always going to be sublime for me and it was! And the icing on the cake was The Go Deeper Forum on February 20th.

Twenty magnificent human beings came to sit with me and Dorje for a day of BEING together for the purpose of BEING. It was a day of celebration and connection as people opened up and sat in the space of love and acceptance, sharing their deepest truths with courage and compassion. I was moved to tears more than once as layer by layer I let go of attachment to identifying with my incessant thinking and sank deeper and deeper into the stillness of simply being.

I felt overwhelmed at times by the sheer intensity of feeling – not so much emotional attachment but rather something so exquisite that I didn’t quite know how to be with it. So I sat in my chair, in my body, breathing in and out and observing myself while I sat in the space. When I found myself back in my head and thinking, I reminded myself there was nothing to do and no where to be and nothing to fix. And I kept breathing.

It was one of the most amazing days I have ever spent with other people. Feelings and emotions ebbed and flowed like waves in the ocean and then a return to perfect stillness and peace reigned.

Nothing I say can adequately capture the moments. You really had to be there.


"You are a powerful being. You may be a great thinker, you may be a big feeler but at your depth you are an immensely powerful Being.
In this vast ocean of existence there are many individual waves that arise for a time and they dissolve again. If you follow any individual wave down to its depths you will find the one ocean, the source of all waves.
You are the wave, you are the ocean.
For as sure as there are waves they are supported by the very depths they arise from.
As you Go Deeper following your own awareness down to its depths you will find the oneness of being. This state of being is you and yet it is greater than you, for you are all things and yet you are no thing.

Be the wave, Be the depths.
Hold these two truths united in your heart mind and let the games begin. There is no bigger game to play. Enjoy."


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