28 April 2010

Being Grounded!

Don’t you just love Mother Nature? She certainly knows how to get everyone’s attention and when she’s angry, she let’s us know! Take the latest natural disaster to affect the world: Iceland’s erupting Eyjafjallajokull volcano. (And no, I can’t pronounce it either!)

The impact has been significant for people all over the world - from stranded passengers to airlines (and many other businesses) losing vast amounts of money to whole countries (like Kenya) in fiscal jeopardy because they are unable to sell/export perishables like fruit, vegetables and flowers before they rot.
One of the hardest things for people to deal with in a situation like this is how to make sense of it when there is no one to blame or make wrong. How do you see the benefit or value in a situation that seems random and unfair and with no known end or outcome assured?

Well, I look at what is going on from at least two viewing platforms - my personal perspective and my world view - and ask myself: “What is the benefit in this, what is the gift, what is really going on here?”.

From my personal perspective, the benefit for me in this event happening now is that I am not travelling much at all this year. I made a decision last year to stop all long-haul travel (more than 3 hours) for a while. And I am glad I did! I am happy to stay on the ground and use the available technology to stay connected. I also feel that a strong message for me is “Stay put, stay grounded and trust the process”. So rather than wonder and worry about when it’s going to end, I choose to stop, take a breath and remember that whatever is happening is always perfect and that things will change and keep changing.

From my world view, what’s really going on here is that I feel that we are being asked to wake up from our self-involved slumber and become aware that everything is connected; to accept that whatever happens to you, has an impact on me and that the way to create peace and harmony is to co-operate with each other with loving kindness rather than fighting out of righteous anger and fear. And when things like this happen, we do step-up and help each other, we do co-operate rather than compete and we get through.

Like I said, gotta love Mother Nature!

"Everything is part of everything else. There is nothing which does not belong. Perfection is everywhere, in everything, all the time ... no matter how you feel about it."

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