26 July 2011

Are You Confronted By Confrontation?

Recently I’ve been noticing how reluctant many people are to face reality head on and confront difficult relationship issues and situations. So I began researching the most common definitions for the word “confront” and I found four main definitions again and again, these from The Collins Dictionary:

to present or face (with something), esp. in order to accuse or criticise
to face boldly; oppose in hostility
to be face to face with; be in front of
to bring together for comparison
(C16: from Medieval Latin confrontari to stand face to face with, from frons forehead)

Interesting that these four were most common, yet the fear-filled meanings of “...accuse or criticise” and “oppose in hostility” seem to be the only filters that people look through when faced with a confronting situation.

And therein lies the issue...given you decide what everything means through your particular way of filtering the world, you get to decide what anything means at any point in time. When you find yourself avoiding confrontation out of fear you can bet that the meaning you are giving to whatever is happening is also coming from fear and the choice to confront becomes anything but desirable.

So next time you are faced with something or someone you find confronting...stop for a moment...take a breath and check your filters by asking: “What am I making this mean?” and if you don’t like it...change the meaning!

When you choose to view confrontation as simply a choice to meet someone or something “face to face” or “to bring together for comparison” you will find that your energy will shift and your communication will be more effective in achieving a peaceful resolution.

Confrontation is not comfortable and it can be effective when engaged in from love.

When you confront your greatest fear...
you meet your greatest freedom

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