07 December 2011

If You Don't Ask … You Don't Get!

A simple phrase that packs a powerful punch when applied to any relationship communication dynamic. Think about it … if you don't ask for what you want - openly, honestly, clearly, directly and completely … you have no chance of getting what you actually want in response.

Imagine going to a restaurant and sitting down at a table and expecting the waiter to know what you want without having to say so. Insane behaviour! Yet time and time again you expect someone else (usually one "special" person) to read your mind without you having to say what you really mean … and when "they" don't get what you mean, you get angry, upset, frustrated and then blame them! Fuelled by fear and sourced in your thinking mind, this insane behaviour goes on all the time and you may not even be aware of it.

First step is to accept that it's really ok to ask for what you want. Then you need to accept that you may not always get what you want from the first person you ask. And if you are willing to let go and ask again, ask someone else, ask for help … and keep communicating, eventually you will get what you want.

Again … simple and not so easy to do until you accept that you can choose to speak up and ask and share whatever you choose. The key lies in truly being responsible for the response you get and keep communicating until you are complete - ie you get want you want!

During this festive holiday season, remember to ask for what truly matters and enjoy receiving whatever you freely give.

"Ask and you shall receive"

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