29 February 2012

You Make It All Up!

As the insanity in the external world continues to reveal itself to be based in fear fuelled behaviours and outcomes - stop and take a moment to contemplate the awesome power of accepting that you make it all up!

Really ... you make it all up. Everything that you experience externally starts internally with how you think and feel and then act. When you change the way you think and feel and act, the world changes. Accepting, nay embracing, this simple yet stunningly potent truth is all it takes for you to remember that you are the force of transformation in your world.

Yet I suspect you hesitate to accept. You are still reluctant to really get that you are that powerful, that magnificent and that able. Able to create the reality you choose from the whole of who you are, pure love.

Well no time like the present to choose again and right now ... and I mean now, accept without question that you are the source of all that is. You don't have to feel it or even believe it, you just need to accept it as a truth to live by then BE who you want to BE while you do what you do.

BE loving and you will experience love, BE caring and you will experience being cared for, BE open and you will experience openness, BE honest and you will experience honesty ... are you getting it?

Stop focussing on all the doing, doing, doing and pay attention to who you are BEING in this moment and who you choose to BE in the next moment from love. Then notice what happens to and in your reality.

Go within or you go without

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