10 May 2016

Accept Your Judgements

It’s not possible to stop judging … you judge, I judge, everybody judges.

Getting rid of judgement is not a desirable choice … in fact your ability to judge is part of your humanness … and it’s necessary when faced with life-threatening situations.

Yet most often you use your ability to judge … against yourself. That’s right … not for yourself and your actual survival but rather against yourself in a myriad of conscious and unconscious ways on a daily basis.

Your propensity to judge yourself as wrong/bad/not good enough/not worthy etc. whenever you do something you don’t like, or judge another for the same reasons, is an insidious habit that doesn’t bring you any real satisfaction. And it doesn’t change anything.

Judgements are by their very nature polarising. Every time you judge yourself as not good enough, and then agree that it’s true, you feel defensive and attempt to convince yourself that you are good enough or right or not bad and you become enmeshed in the victim/persecutor/rescuer triangle of fear.

The most powerful, loving and responsible thing you can do is accept that you are judging and remember … your judgements are not the truth about you (or anyone or anything else). They simply let you know that you are judging and that’s because you are feeling something you probably don’t want to feel. When you accept that you are judging yourself (and/or others) and accept the feelings associated with your judgements then let yourself feel them … the energy will release and the judgement and the feelings will pass.

Accepting your judgements is simple … tell the truth, acknowledge your feelings, resist the temptation to agree with your feelings and your judgements … and peace will be restored.

"It is difficult to live without judging others. If you have to judge, then judge with love."
Debasish Mridha

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