10 January 2017

Resolve To Be On Purpose

Nothing like a new year to get inspired and motivated to start something new or “turn over a new leaf” or change something - by making a New Year’s resolution or three …

Yet (as you have probably experienced) the success rate of most New Year resolutions is not very high because they are often content based rather than contextual. Then the initial excitement of making sweeping changes is soon replaced by the ups and downs of daily life and everything that goes with it … including those pesky unconscious habits and behaviours that just keep on keeping on … and resolutions often just go out the window.

If you want to change something or many things, if you are truly resolved to make a new choice or choices … start with getting clear about your purpose.

How you do this is first identify what you want to change, what new choices are you making, then ask yourself: ‘For what purpose?”, and keep asking until you get a clear context.

This year I am choosing to be more organised regarding my finances and budgeting processes; to let go of how difficult I experience keeping up with technology; to stop “stuffocating” myself and let go of a whole lot of stuff I don’t need or use anymore and to enjoy all the moments whatever is going on.

When I asked myself “For what purpose?”  the answers that came were all about ease and flow … when I asked what that was really about for me what came up was “Trust”.

My purpose, my context is Trust in 2017.

Trusting in who I am - powerful, valuable, lovable, responsible, creative;  trusting in what I know including that things will keep changing; trusting in the process and outcomes I am creating whether consciously realised or not and trusting in my ability to respond to whatever shows up.

What’s yours?

"When you stay on purpose and you refuse to be discouraged by fear,
you align with the infinite self, in which all possibilities exist."

Dr Wayne W. Dyer

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