01 September 2006

Self-Doubt Is A Traitor!

“Our doubts are traitors that make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt,” William Shakespeare

When I first came across this quote it struck a deep chord within me. The idea that “doubts are traitors” made me realise that every time I get a clear, intuitive or gut response to say “yes” to something, I “win the good” when I take the leap of faith and choose before I know what’s going to happen. And when I doubt myself and what I know, when I decide to question what I am saying “yes” to, I am betraying my own magnificent self and what is possible for me and I “…lose the good…by fearing to attempt”.

Think about it. Whenever you get a clear signal to say “yes” to something and act before you think too much, I bet things work out better than you could have ever planned. Yet when you get a clear “yes” and rather than acting on it, you distract yourself with in-depth analysis of the data and facts and pro’s and con’s and trying to work out all the angles (i.e. the “right” choice to make) – you end up stuck in confusion, indecision and endless wondering not only what to choose and what to do but also how it’s all going to occur and how you are going to handle it.

When you choose to go with your heart, gut, soul – whatever you call it - and act before you think too much, you will experience being in the flow of your life, being the “cause” of your reality rather than “at the effect” of it. And when you choose first and trust your ability to respond, the “how to” shows up in unexpected and delightful ways.

I invite you to say “yes” to something today - before you “think” about it too much - and see what happens!

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