01 October 2006

Can You Really Handle 100% Truth?

What would the world be like if everyone told the truth? I mean 100% of the truth, 100% of the time, 100% of everyone...what would it be like? I personally think it would be great – eventually. With all truth on the table there would be nothing to fear. Imagine that!

However, the pervasive paradigm we live in says: “It’s a nice ideal BUT you can’t really tell the truth 100% of the time about 100% of everything to 100% of everyone. It’s good to be honest but sometimes you have to lie (withhold, deny, pretend, not say anything) or people would be saying things and hearing things that may hurt or cause conflict or outright aggression etc.”

And there you have it. The reason you can’t handle 100% truth is two-fold: you have decided that others can’t handle it (because of what they might feel) and the real kicker - you are scared of what you might feel. As long as you stay scared of what everyone might feel, as long as you continue to react to another’s truth as if it is a personal attack the game of “I am open and honest….(except when I’m not)’ will continue. And not much will shift.

So next time you have an opportunity to really be open and honest - open up your heart (not just your head) and connect with 100% truth: the “stuff” that’s going on, your feelings and what you know - then communicate (give and receive) from love (rather than fear) and respond to whatever comes up and keep responding until you feel the energy shift – and it will when you go for 100%.

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Unknown said...

Love it! Thank you so much for sharing this with the world, Lorna. You are absolutely right: we owe it to ourselves, our fellow humans, and the rest of the world to tell the truth 100% of the time. I an only imagine how much lighter we feel and how much more in-depth our relationships will be...and we can have REAL conversations...