26 May 2009

What Are You Resisting?

Whatever we resist - persists! Now this is not a new concept and yet recently I have been observing how often I still resist the relentless ebb and flow of energy in and around me – particularly when I do not like what is happening!

In this topsy-turvy world we live in there seems to be a lot to resist. Many people are feeling anxious and nervous about things that are happening right around the world. We are travelling in uncharted waters and it seems to me that the more we resist what is happening the more it happens. All the rescue strategies currently in play whether from Government or inside your own mind cannot resolve or dissolve the fundamental cause – fear. The more we fear, the more we feel scared and the more scared we are the more we shut down and the cycle continues.

To break the cycle requires discipline and commitment and a willingness to stop resisting whatever is happening and instead stop for a moment, take a breath and BE with yourself and whatever is happening right now. Not involved in what is happening but rather being with it, observing yourself and your feelings and your thoughts and your energy. It’s a simple practice yet not easy to engage in because fear is so much more comfortable and familiar than BEING. If you want to fully live the life you choose, the life you cause, then BEING is the most profoundly powerful state you can dwell in. When you stop resisting who you really are and show up in the moment BEING fully you everything changes.

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"...It's when we stop resisting at the deepest level of our being that everything truly changes in a way that is forever. I'm not just talking about having a powerful spiritual experience; I'm talking about a permanent, irrevocable, vertical leap in our own emotional, psychological, ethical, philosophical, and spiritual development. When we no longer want to resist our own Authentic Self's natural inclination to evolve, we will begin to transcend those structures in the separate self that limit us. And we will also awaken to a sense of spiritual buoyancy, a lightness of being, because we have finally ceased to resist in a fundamental way and that's what changes everything."

Andrew Cohen

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