24 June 2009

Are You Tuned In?

Over the past few weeks I have been attending a workshop exploring energy and the extraordinary power each of us possess to heal ourselves and others with love.

The basic premise of the workshop is that we are all energy; everything is energy and at our core is our own heart, the main generator of loving energy. Our ability to have our own generator fully operational is primarily dependent on being open, aware, responsible, loving and tuned into the highest frequency for guidance – the frequency of love.

Simple really … and as with everything on the growth path – not so easy to do. What it takes is first and foremost acceptance of who you really are and what’s possible when you stay tuned in to the universal radio station manned by God or Life-force or Source or whatever you call it – essentially it’s the energy of creation and that is love.

So how do you tune in and stay tuned in? Keep your circuits clear of disturbance – stress, worry, fear all create static in the energy field, static that interferes with a clear signal. Let go of the past, stop focussing on the future and get hip to where you are in each moment. Stop and breathe, long and often. Be here now. Listen to the voice of love; not the silver tongued voice of fear. Look after yourself – your whole self – mind, body and spirit – in the best way you can. Laugh often and out loud, smile and breathe and be with whatever is happening. Observe the energy rather than get caught up in the content and remember you are the most magnificent, powerful, valuable, lovable being on the planet.

When you stay tuned into the frequency of love, everything that appears to be a problem becomes an opportunity to respond from your own loving heart no matter what is going on. When you practice loving as your first response everything that is not love is transformed and wellbeing is assured.

Tune into that.


stay tuned to the station

don’t slip off the dial

the information you seek

will come in a while

stay firm on the ground

while learning to fly

don’t hang around

or wait to get by

hook up to the godforce

let yourself know

you are the real source

you are the flow

healing will happen

it wants to occur

the stuff that just napping

comes right to the fore

it may be quite sticky

suffering will abide

release it is certain

set comfort aside

no more blanket to stifle

the truthseeking soul

opened up to the wonder

of where you can go

when letting love flow

while creating anew

stay tuned to the station

see what comes through

Lorna Patten

1 comment:

Judith Love said...

Dearest Lorna,today's explicit concepts is so perfect in its simplicity. I already know in my heart what is written, but this is such a perfectly articulated reminder!
Quite alot is happening for me at the moment, and this is a perfect road map for navigating at this time and at all times.
Thanks so much.
All Love