28 July 2009

Letting Go

The key to letting go is acceptance. You cannot let go of that which you do not accept. The key to acceptance is awareness – awareness of who you are and what’s really going on moment by moment. And the key to awareness is a willingness to BE present with whatever is occurring as it is occurring, right here, right now.

Sounds simple and it is, although as with most things involving the sticky, messy, human experience, not very easy - particularly when you fear letting go. And that’s what you need to let go of – your fearful thoughts that lead to fearful actions and the insidious anxiety that comes with it. Although the feelings associated with being fearful are quite “real’ in the sense that you feel them, the attachment to something in the past projected into the future is not real. The stuff is all made up, and even though you can feel quite strongly about your stuff, it’s still an illusion.

Letting go of your illusions is very tricky unless you stop and breathe and become aware of your thoughts and feelings, accept them and allow yourself to feel the feelings, acknowledge the thoughts and then remember that you are the one who gets to choose what happens next.

When you let go of resisting what’s so, stop for a moment and get present to the now, energy can flow, feelings can be released and peace will preside. Letting go of your fearful thoughts and feelings is the way to peace. And it requires rigour and discipline and a willingness to be present, accept what is so and allow the energy to shift.

Letting go is effortless when you simply BE in all your magnificence and …let go.


"How do you let go of things? This means you leave them as they are; it does not mean you annihilate them or throw them away. It is more like setting down and letting them be."


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