22 February 2011

Response-Ability & Freedom

The dominant fear paradigm of victim/persecutor/rescuer is being challenged by people all over the Middle East as they take to the streets to protest against regimes that oppress, suppress and dictate to their citizens. The “revolution” in Egypt was brought about by the human beings who quite simply had had enough ... enough of being hungry, enough of being marginalised, enough of being told what to do ... enough of being victims, at the effect of a small group of people who seemed to hold all the power. While this shift is by no means complete or resolved, the people of Egypt got together and supported one another to be responsible for changing that which they would no longer tolerate. There was no overt outside intervention, no mighty western power rushing in to “rescue” (and then impose their own brand of control) ... instead what we saw was ordinary people, getting together and taking responsibility by supporting each other to step up, take action and be heard.

What happens next is what makes the difference. If the people of Egypt stay committed to being responsible; if they continue to respond from love and compassion to what they are creating and respond to the feedback as it occurs, then they will create a new paradigm of freedom for themselves and serve as a model for the rest of world. If however they allow their fear to overpower their willingness to respond, then we will see more and more conflict, turmoil and polarising forces fighting to determine who is right.

And so it is for you and me and every other human being on this planet. If we are willing to BE response-able in every moment - to respond from love to what we are creating inside ourselves and outside ourselves; to step up and take loving action and respond to the fearful relationships, issues, situations and circumstances we find intolerable - then we will experience the profound peace and joy that comes when Love is the paradigm of choice.

You are love, I am love and in every human being beats a loving heart. The more you reveal yours, the easier it is for me to reveal mine. And when we do, we remember we are all connected, fear ceases to rule and we are truly free to BE love.

"Responsibility starts with the willingness to experience yourSelf as cause.

It starts with the willingness to have the experience of yourSelf as cause in the matter.

Responsibility is not burden, fault, praise, blame, credit, shame or guilt. All these include judgements and evaluations of good and bad, right and wrong, or better and worse. They are not responsibility. They are derived from a ground of being in which Self is considered to be a thing or an object rather than context.

Responsibility starts with the willingness to deal with the situation from and with the point of view, whether at the moment realised or not, that you are the source of what you are, what you do, and what you have. This point of view extends to include even what is done to you and ultimately what another does to another. Ultimately, responsibility is a context - a context of Self as source - for the content, i.e., for what is."

Werner Erhard 1978

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