26 June 2012

Positive & Negative Rubbish!

Ever said this to yourself: "I am going to think positive" or "I want to be more positive" or something along those lines? And you have probably experienced it's not sustainable and that's because ...
There's no such thing (really) as positive OR negative thinking ...
In fact NOthing is really positive or negative ... nothing!

Positive and negative are simply judgements that signal to the world your preferences, your likes and your dislikes. they are extremely, nay, completely subjective and as such are completely made up by you according to your model/map/filter of the world.

And as with all judgements they are Context dependent. In one context killing another human being is seen as negative while in another context killing another is seen as positive. So which one is the right one? Which reality is the real one?

Answer: Both and neither (love the paradox!)

The whole idea that "thinking positive" is better than "thinking negative" is simply more fuel for the not-good-enough fire that burns within. And your ego-mind will work hard to convince you that only focussing on one side of the polarity (positive please!) and separating what is actually whole, will bring lasting rewards ... it does not.

At best, all you really get is half the story, part of the experience, a bit of the whole. And unless you can accept, acknowledge and embrace the WHOLE nothing really changes.

The paradigm of ultimate cause, lasting peace and divine love says; I Create The WHOLE Of My Own Reality ... nothing to do with positive or negative ... just the whole, the all, everything. Yet when you persist in judging yourself, others and everything that occurs though a polarised filter of negative or positive, it's almost impossible to accept yourself as cause of the whole. Your fearful ego-mind will kick in and whisper (or shout!): "You couldn't have created this awful/terrible etc. thing ... you wouldn't create something like this!" and you will agree and nothing will really change.

When you detach from your insidious habit of judging everything you create as positive or negative, when you truly step into the space of BEING the one who chooses your WHOLE reality, when you accept whatever you have created as yours and respond rather than react out of your judgements, you will discover the joy and freedom and ease of creating the whole of your own reality from love.

"Without the prior awareness that everything is one, whole, motionless, all our science and knowledge are going nowhere."
Peter Kingsley, Reality

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Unknown said...

When I become aware that I am judging, I nearly always flip into judging the judging, and around we go. I love playing this game while assessing the driving skills of other drivers in congested traffic when I'm late for an appointment. Its a great opportunity to stop, let go, breath and realise it doesn't matter. The time I get to my appointment is always the right time, every time. A thought is just a though and it can be changed. Love and Best, PCK