24 July 2012

The Power Of Telling The Truth

There is great power in telling the truth. No matter what’s going on, when we tell the truth to ourselves and others we feel better, we are more engaged with people, we make better decisions and life becomes easier, less stressful and more joyful.

You can change anything when you tell the truth about it - anything at all. Yet we live in a world where pretending and lying and withholding and secrecy is accepted as normal, where many people are afraid to be open, honest and truthful and where many believe that what we keep from others rather than what we share is what makes life work - well it doesn’t. Avoiding the truth only increases our fear and helps create feelings of isolation.

The power of telling the truth lies in the simple fact that everyone knows what their truth actually is, even when it’s not overtly communicated. And each of us knows when we are not being completely open and honest with others. The ENERGY that we expend withholding is a false economy, an illusion – because everybody knows what’s really going on and we all know they know we know they know … The great cosmic joke! So, what actually stops you from being totally truthful/honest with everyone, about everything, all the time? Why do you withhold, omit information, embellish, exaggerate, fudge a little, or just plain lie? FEAR

Fear of the EMOTIONAL consequences, fear of how the other will react – fear of how they will feel and then how you will feel and then fear about what each will do as a result of saying what’s really going on.

Here’s the good news: it’s ok to feel scared and you can still tell the truth!

In fact the first truth to tell is whatever you are feeling in that moment about telling the truth! If you are feeling scared/anxious/nervous etc., say so. When you acknowledge your fear, it shifts and when you tell your WHOLE truth, there is definite shift in your energy. If this does not occur – you have not yet told ALL of your truth, so keep going! The energy shift, release, relief … will occur once the whole truth is acknowledged.

When you tell your whole truth – including what you are feeling – in the moment – the experience is liberating and freeing. When you are willing to take full responsibility for your truth - how you give it and how it is received – and respond – then you will know the extraordinary power of telling the truth.

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