28 August 2012

Enough is Enough!

Enough of the constant noise of fear and anxiety and confusion ... in the world, in the street, in the office and in the home (and in our heads!)
Enough of our leaders behaving like children who won’t share or play nicely together
Enough of thinking that the world will get to be a place of peace and joy by continually fighting with each other and ourselves in the name of right!

Everywhere I go these days I am conscious of how much anxiety runs our lives and our world. Fear is the currency of power and control and polarity and we have created a world rich and abundant in fearful thinking, doing and feeling. Ever forgetful about who we are, we are convinced we are powerless to affect real change, we are scared of being powerful, magnificent, creative loving beings. Well enough is enough!

It’s time to step-up, show up and say enough of the illusion of fear, enough of being held hostage to the pervasive paradigm of power and control ... enough already.

The antidote to this insane way of being and doing and thinking and feeling is very simple ...

It comes down to LOVE.

Love as a context NOT as a romantic, idealised feeling state. Love is the whole of us all, the heart of each and every one of us and must be appreciated and acknowledged and lived as a moment by moment choice until it’s a solid habit.

Time to be and do and have and share love.

"Love is nothing you can demonstrate or prove. It’s what you are."

Byron Katie

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