23 October 2012

Enough Already!

This month I find myself sufficiently aroused and suitably fed-up to speak out and speak up so please stay with me as it’s a bit longer than the usual offering.

As taxpayers, our leaders and politicians at all levels are employed by me and by you... in fact all of us are their employer. To sit back and do nothing is to tacitly accept that this toxic political culture of persecutor/victim/rescuer wrapped in blame and shame is ok. If someone who worked directly for you was behaving the way our leaders from all spheres of influence are behaving would you keep them on the payroll? Or say: Enough!

Enough I say to all the leaders of influence in our great nation. Enough I say to our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, to the Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott and every politician in this country; Enough I say to the media owners, journalists, broadcasters and reporters in all media forms and forums; Enough I say to Business Leaders and all persons of influence.

Enough of the immature personal attacks and bullying, enough of your ego-centric grandstanding and point scoring, enough of name calling and cruel remarks intended to personally wound and hurt; enough of your wounded inner 3 year old running the show ... enough, enough, enough!!!

I am sick of the game you are playing and I have yet to find anyone who thinks or feels that what is going on is ok. It’s not. The role models that you have become are nothing short of appalling ... and we all wonder why bullying in schoolyards, in cyber-space and in the workplace is so very common in 21st century Australia. Well take a good long hard look in the mirror ... the fish rots from the head down and as the heads of the various fish that make up this whale of a great island nation, you are rotting at a very fast pace.

I wonder if you have considered that your legacy may very well be that you were directly responsible for the transformation of our political and social paradigm from one of “A fair go for everyone, respect, loyalty and fair-dinkum mateship” to one of “Profit before people, spin before truth, deceit, betrayal, me before you and us against them”?

How sad you cannot see that what you are doing, out of your unconscious yet insidious fear of “not good enough yet”, is continuously making choices that are divisive, limiting and above all sourced in your ego-centric thinking far removed from love, compassion and kindness. You keep creating exactly the response you get out of what you give yet blame the other for being a mirror of your own thinking. You fail to see that you are the source of all the conflict and aggressive behaviour you experience and encounter. And as the source, you can choose to change your way of Being, thinking, feeling, and doing. Your humanity is slipping and it’s time to get real, open up, tell the truth and be responsible for the whole of what you are creating. Only you can choose and ... you can choose.

Time to do something different. Time for a personal paradigm shift from Fear to Love.

How about it Ms Gillard? Mr Abbott? Anyone? Are you up for it?  Have you got the heart to drop your masks and let go of needing to prove you are good enough, accept that you (and every other human being on our planet) are fundamentally ok. Accept that you are essentially love in a skin bag of unlimited choices and start consciously choosing to BE the most magnificent you that you can be while you do what you do from love. Choose to really and simply start leading from love and truth and kindness and responsibility for the whole of how you show up and what you do, for the whole of what you cause moment by moment and the people of this great country will join you and support you in ways you never dreamed of.

That’s what I am doing by writing this piece. Telling my truth about how it is for me. And I want you to know that I wholeheartedly support you to BE your most loving self. I see you beyond the fearful stuff you keep choosing to do and I know you can BE who you are. You can.

All it takes is a new choice, a first step, an honest, open conversation free from attack and “staying on message” and spin and deflection and bullying, one real moment of truth could just change everything ...

So, what are you going to do next? Who are you going to be from now on?

I’m going to hit the “send’ button.

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Unknown said...

Congratulations for saying what most of us are saying or thinking.
I will be sending it on to all the people I know.

Lorna Patten said...

Thanks Cath.
The more people that stand up and show up...the better.
Love Lornaxx

Lorna Patten said...
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Unknown said...

This has been a long spiral down the rabbit hole for politics in this country. Of course, this too is perfect. Perhaps the goodness out of all this is that they will collapse in on themselves and leave a vacuum for more humane politicians to shine through. Like you said, the only people interested in this current political climate are politicians and those that report on politicians. The rest of us are just switching off. Time to support some younger or non-careerer politicians and see what they can do instead. Sack the lot of them. lets try something different. The change would be wonderful. Love ya work Lorna. Always on topic. Love and best, PCK

Unknown said...

I will also add that through their behaviour we can see our politicians selfish self centred and self serving choices and they have, therefore, forfeited their right to be our leaders. I personally had such high hopes that a female leader would bring us something different. Oh well. Perhaps we should elect a human instead. You up for it Lorna?

Lorna Patten said...

Thanks Peter.
Not quite ready for a career change yet...who knows what may happen when the paradigm actually shifts!
My cousin, Fiona Patten ,is the head of The Sex Party here in Australia. An alternative voice well worth supporting for their social policies and human stand on many issues. We can change this toxic situation if choose to be who we are and stop the fear!
Love lornaxx

Lorna Patten said...

I am posting this comment on behalf of Robbie Swan at his request:
Here, here.... There are very few people who would not agree with this insightful blog. I guess the problem lies in the level of consciousness of the average Australian and in a perfectly functioning democracy, you get what your collective level of consciousness deserves. But I agree with you that there is an extra spike in spite over the past few years that doesn't seem to be out there in voter land...just inside the Parliament. Tony Abbott is supposed to be a strong Christian and embody Christian values. I just don't see that. His macho swagger belies an aggressive inner side that does not belong in the highest institution in the land. Julia Gillard on the other hand seems to have given her power away to the old union bosses and the old 'groupers' who circle her in the ALP and call a lot of the shots. When she goes out on her own and speaks her mind rather than what had been put in front of her by the Shoppies union boss, she seems much more natural. But maybe the old Westminster System has started to get close to its use-by date as well. Its an adversarial system like the courts and maybe there's a better way. In terms of governance, I'd like to see us get rid of the anachronistic state governments and have one central federal government and a number of regional governments that are purely there to make sure the garbage is collected and the street lights work. None of this moral claptrap that State governments put out in the name of states rights.
But as you say, there is a core issue here that needs to be changed and we need people to say it over and over again. In this respect, made the Gillard/Abbott brawling will have a positive effect.

Catherine Palin-Brinkworth said...

Go Lorna!! I am doing everything I currently know how to work with my business clients and audiences on moving out of Fear and into Love. Pees me off that I used to get ridiculed as being 'touchy feely' by some of my male colleagues - now they're all getting it. Bless them. I'm forwarding this on to my local Federal and State politicians.
Love your work. Deeply and passionately.

Judy Templeman said...

Lorna how refreshing it is to hear truth-good on you!
What is it really all about when the layers are peeled back on Julia Gillard"s blame & attack & visa versa, Tony Abbott"s ? Certainly this is not just our usual political rhetoric playing out in public, it is more akin to an exaggerated lovers quarrel! (mmm...) Perhaps the purpose of this unkind behaviour playing out publicly is to remind us that we are capable of creating something far better as individuals. If each of us committed to being present for one another with empathy & love.

Lorna Patten said...

Thank's for your feedback.
Catherine, I too have been ducking the "touchy-feely" comments for some years. And yes, people everywhere are getting it at last! Beautiful that you keep on sharing the love.
Judy, Whatever is going on at an individual content level for each of them has the same root cause, "the not good enough yet" stuff sourced in fear and played out in attack and defend and blame. How tiring! And yes, we can each BE who we are, and remember that each of us is the same...perfect love.