29 January 2013

Whatever ...

Every year I choose a context for myself - the primary filter or framework I am consciously choosing to experience myself and my life from and within for the year. Whatever comes to mind first is what I choose ... and this year it was ... well ... "whatever ..."

I laughed!

How perfect for me for 2013 - year of whatever. Sitting with my choice I noticed I felt quite tickled by the possibilities of "whatever". If I am not attached to anything in particular, then whatever is perfect. So simple to see and say, so hard to do ...

"Whatever" is my shorthand for accepting that whatever is happening, is happening. It's about allowing, observing, noticing and being with whatever is already occurring. It doesn't mean I don't have a choice because I always have a choice. It does mean not attaching to my choice but rather letting myself BE with whatever is actually happening whether it looks/feels/is like my choice or not.

Mastering the moment-by-moment habit of accepting "whatever" is challenging to say the least. I am like a baby learning how to walk - I know I will become attached to particular outcomes and choices, expect things to happen in certain ways and feel a lot of things along the way. And whatever feelings arise, they too are just ... whatever!

What an exquisite paradox - letting things that are already happening, happen without needing to impose my conscious preference, expectation, desire or control on any moment while accepting that whatever is happening is my choice, my creation and it's perfect.

I know the value of support for me in my process on my journey so I invest in a range of things including daily exercise and fresh organic food, regular sessions with my healer/coach, daily meditation and time for me to "whatever".

Ultimately, simply BEING and accepting whatever produces inner and outer harmony and profound peace.

"He who lives in harmony with himself,
lives in harmony with the world."

Marcus Aurelius

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