26 February 2013

You Are Not Your Feelings

Who you are is perfect LOVE - pure, simple, boundless, limitless, joyous, expansive, creative, powerful ... LOVE.

Yet, what you often feel is anything but that ... AND yet, you are the one who chooses to feel the way you feel. Jill Bolte-Taylor made the observation that emotion (energy-in-motion) takes 90 seconds to complete it’s journey though you and be done. If any feelings lasts longer than 90 seconds ... you must be doing something to make them stay ... you start to feel something, then you agree with whatever meaning you make out of the feeling then you feel it even more and on it goes ... sometimes for a lifetime!

Now you may not like this or understand it ... in fact I can hear the silver-tongued fearful ego voice in your head saying ... ”this is nuts, I don’t choose all my feelings, sometimes other people just make me feel stuff”.

No they don’t. No one can make you choose anything you do not choose. You always have a choice even when you feel you do not. The truth about “I didn’t have a choice” is actually: “I did not like any of the other options so I chose the least painful/awful of what was available to me at the time”.

So, who taught you how to feel your feelings?
Where did you learn how to respond to what you are feeling rather than react?

My guess is ... no one did.
In fact, you have probably had little or no education or training in what feelings are, what they mean and how to use them as a resource for change rather than as a reason to stay wounded and suffering.

Consider this:  How much of your life have you spent feeling that you are not good enough - not worth enough, or deserving enough or pretty enough or smart enough or successful enough or strong enough or brave enough or lucky enough or quick enough or calm enough or ... just not enough?

Well enough of feeling not ok, enough of doubting your own loving heart, enough of choosing the illusion of fear when only love is real. Enough of pretending to be who you are not when the truth about who you really are is magnificent.

Step One:

Choose to accept you are ok, lovable, valuable, powerful and unlimited EVEN WHEN you don’t feel it. Let go of needing to figure it all out rationally and just accept that you are LOVE and let yourself BE.

Step Two:

When you start to feel anything at all ... pause for a moment, take a breath, get present in your own body, breathe, and let the feeling (energy-in-motion) move through you - remember 90 seconds and the energy will shift.

If you find yourself getting involved with your fearful thinking mind, tell yourself “this is just a feeling, it’s not a fact ... just because I feel X doesn’t mean X is true, it’s just true that I am feeling X and breathe ...

Step Three:

Choose how you want to feel, what you want to do next and how you want to show up - then BE and DO what you have chosen. Revisit Step One often and Step Two as needed!

Whatever your story, wherever you are now, whatever has been before ... you are OK, you are perfect LOVE and you can experience this if you are willing to accept your magnificence and choose to live into WHO you are moment by moment, one loving breath at a time.

It’s really very simple ... but don’t mistake simple for easy. Sometimes simple is the hardest to do and yet, when you accept, surrender your resistance and simply choose to accept LOVE rather than fear ... well it starts to get pretty simple!

"The highest feeling is the experience of unity with All That Is.
This is the great return to Truth for which the soul yearns.
This is the feeling of perfect love."

Conversations With God Book 1: Neale Donald Walsch

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