23 July 2013

Just Choose!

Making choices is simple ... just choose.

And that’s where it can get really complicated for you when faced with making an important decision. The thinking mind gets engaged in frantically sorting though the options, making pro vs con lists and endlessly checking the weight of judgement. It’s particularly frustrating when you only have two options ... not much choice going on ... rather more a dilemma! Either/or is often neither and the spiral of thinking and swinging from one to the other is exhausting. And nothing changes until you make a choice.

When you make a choice something happens, not necessarily what you expect and something always shows up. And when it does, pay attention to your immediate energetic response. That will let you know how to respond … .i.e. make the next choice then something else shows up, then you take responsibility for whatever it is and choose again.

This also poses a conundrum for you. What to choose? What is the right choice? How can I be sure I have made the right decision? Blah, blah, blah ... Once again the thinking mind intrudes and you are on a fast tack to nowhere decisive or satisfying.

The paradigm of I Create The Whole Of My Own Reality means you get to choose whatever you choose to choose! There are no limits to the number of choices you can make ... you have as many options as you can imagine you have and you are free to choose whatever you want to choose. 

So stop ... take a breath ... get present ... and remember:

Who you are is magnificent, powerful, lovable, valuable creative being.
Choose what you really, really, really, really want as an outcome.
Detach from future projecting and managing every detail of the the process.
Take responsibility for what shows up and choose again ... and again ... and again ...

Don’t get superstitious with this either ... it’s not a magic lamp with a genie giving you only 3 wishes so you'd better be careful! You have unlimited power to choose and unlimited choices ... go for it!

"Choose what you have and you’ll have what you choose"

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