20 August 2013

Let's Talk About Sex

Actually I want to talk about the impending Australian Federal Election on September 7th and specifically to share my interview with Fiona Patten (yes, we are related) President of The Australian Sex Party.

Why the name “Sex Party”?

It’s difficult in this political climate for a minor party to get noticed. Quite frankly, we chose the name to get attention. And it is relevant to every single human being ... let’s face it, without sex, none of us would be here.

What does The Sex Party actually stand for?

Fundamentally we are a civil liberties party. It’s about people taking control of their own lives and being responsible for their own lives. We have a range of policies addressing civil liberty issues and a key concern is the influence of organised Christian religion on political policy and politicians. We are a secular society and as such need to be fully represented..but we are not. We believe in freedom of religion and freedom from religion.

What about honesty, truth and authenticity in politics?

It’s almost an oxymoron!

Honestly politicians (and all people really) would do so much better if they were honest with themselves and others. It’s about being honest about their own ego driven agendas for the way they behave and the decisions they make. But the way it works at the moment is many check their morals and values at the door because they are fearful if they don’t join one of the two major parties and tow the party line,  they won’t get elected.

This minority government was a positive thing for democracy, for Australia, and for considered policy. It created a voice for minorities to be heard and considered and raised the level of debate. The Government had to consider a variety of views and positions before any legislative change was made. And Julia Gillard’s government passed more legislation than any other government that I am aware of.

Unfortunately all we have been focussing on is the behaviour of the personalities rather than the work that has gone on and the monumental legislative changes that have been made. This has been glossed over in favour of the constant bickering of the politicians.

Why are you are campaigning to get elected to The Senate?

The Senate is a House of Review. And it exists, as Don Chipp said: “...to keep the bastards honest”.

The role of a Senator is to represent their whole state, not just an electorate and thus Senators need to take a wider view and consider the whole, the bigger picture when adopting policy and passing legislation.

Why vote for the Sex Party?

It is hard to tell the differences between the Labor and Liberal blue ties and now both parties are being run by men who are strongly influenced by conservative elements in the church.

From drug law reform to same sex marriage we now trail much of the Western world. If you care about these basic human rights and want to live in a country where they are preserved, we need people to vote for the Sex Party. In the parliament we are the only party who will dedicate all our efforts to fighting this civil liberties slide. We cannot afford to be complacent.

We are one of the very few countries in the world who have a 2 party preferred system rather than a wide range of diversity to improve and expand the debate. When you have a greater representation of philosophy and beliefs, you have more thoughtful policy and legislation and that’s better for everyone.

In this election there will be 54 small parties vying for your vote and I believe this simply reflects discontent with what’s happening right now with our major parties. Unfortunately the vast majority of these minor parties are not progressive at all. In order to create real change and growth as a nation, we have to become more progressive and inclusive and not be pushed back by the conservative right...the people who want things to stay the way they never really were!


If you believe in your basic human right to freely choose how to live your life, if you believe you are responsible for yourself and your life and want freedom from mico-managing by conservative politicians and their fearful need to legislate the minutiae of human behaviour ... choose to support your fundamental right to choose and vote for the Sex Party on September 7, 2013.

"Your life, your choice."

Fiona Patten, President, The Australian Sex Party

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