17 September 2013

What Does It All Mean?

The simple and short answer is: whatever you decide things mean is what they mean because your perception is your reality in the paradigm of cause. And whatever you decide is true is what you experience as truth. In order to have a different experience, you need to change your beliefs and filters so you perceive something else as truth. The wider your viewing platform, the deeper your filter, the more complete your truth will be.

As a nation we decided that a change of Government was inevitable and necessary because whatever the policy issues: eg, we have to save this beautiful country from “the budget crisis” (really?) and “illegal asylum seekers swamping our shores” (not true), I believe the main reason many people voted LNP for the first time, is the lying, betrayal and appalling behaviour and obfuscating communication by the Labor Party had become so intolerable that it was time to punish.

Yet the other truths (and facts) have no discernible impact or influence on what the majority of people perceive as truth and as we tend to choose our response based solely on what we perceive and believe is happening, the change we chose was inevitable!

So what’s next?

The opportunity always is to become informed and aware of what else is occurring in you and around you so that you can make decisions and choices based on the whole of what is happening and not just a small slice of filtered fear-fuelled opinion and rhetoric, sourced in fear and delivered via the popular media as truth.

You and I get to choose what everything means so I am choosing to view this election outcome as a huge opportunity for sustainable change. For all politicians, leaders and you, it is an opportunity to remember and act like we are ALL connected, we are not a separate island in isolation but rather part of a global community of human beings who all deserve to be who they are no matter what they believe. It is an opportunity to do what you say and be open and honest with yourself and each other and all of us. It is an opportunity to treat each other with respect, kindness and love irrespective of differing opinions. And it is a profound opportunity to remember that only love is real and (the illusion of) fear is simply a call for love.

"Love really changes things"
Marianne Williamson, Illuminata

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