17 December 2013

Ho, Ho, Ho or Ho Hum?

The festive season has arrived and Christmas is everywhere ... in the shops, on the net, in our homes and in our heads! Yet this season of good cheer and goodwill sometimes has the opposite effect on our hearts ... ho, ho, ho becomes ho hum for some.

The loving meaning of Christmas can get lost in the endless list making, shopping stress and family drama that accompanies the end of the year madness.

If this applies to you ... stop and take a breath and ask yourself: “What does this time of year really mean to me? ... Who am I choosing to BE?”  When you get clear about what you are choosing to have things mean, you can choose to reframe “ho hum” to “ho, ho, ho” any time you like! When you focus on who you are being while you do whatever you do, you get to experience each and every moment as sacred and loving irrespective of what is happening around you.

My choice for this festive season is no different to my choice for the rest of the year ... to be the most loving, open, honest, aware and responsible me I can be. Sometimes I experience effortless flow and magic and sometimes obstacles, frustration and stuff-ups. Yet when I remember that only love is real and the fearful moments are simply there to remind me who and how to be, I relax and accept whatever is happening as ok. The key is in the remembering that who I am is perfect love.

My wish for you this Christmas is that you remember who you are and when ho, ho, ho becomes ho hum, you stop and take a breath and remember ... it’s always your choice.

"I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all year."

Charles Dickens

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