20 January 2015

There’s Magic In The Moments

Here we are again ... the start of a new year ... a blank canvas of endless possibilities ...

And for so many, the delight in painting a picture of your choosing is often overshadowed (once again) by the infernal, internal ego-mind endlessly sorting through a list of what “you should choose because it would be good for you ...”

Well that won’t work out any better than it ever has.

So this year I suggest you do something different and instead of agreeing with the “shoulds” focus instead on WHO you could BE moment by moment.

By letting go of any need to prescribe or control the minute details of every-day life and instead allowing yourself to BE who you choose to BE in each moment of every-day life, you will discover the joy of BEING all that you are while you do whatever you choose to do.

So choose who you wish to BE this year and make it your number one priority every day. It takes rigour and discipline and intention and attention to BEING while you are doing whatever you are moved to do.

And the really cool thing is this, when you fully surrender to BEING all that you are, it really doesn’t matter what you do ... and thus you are truly free to do whatever you can imagine, whatever you desire, whatever you want ...

Because there’s magic in the moments of being.

"We are here to achieve an uplifted mode of being"

Marianne Williamson, Illuminata

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