13 October 2015

The Business Of Feelings

Your feelings and how you react or respond to emotional complexity is one of the most important things to master when building a successful business.

Yet this is not a subject that I have ever seen adequately addressed in any training, MBA Program or University Degree about how to run a successful business!

Every problem you have in business (and in life) can be traced back to some emotional blockage. If you want to change something that’s not working; transform a relationship or situation; resolve a conflict ... first you need to tell the truth about what’s actually going on right now.

You probably know how to tell most of the truth ... and yet when things don’t change, it’s because you have left out the most critical element of the whole truth ... the feelings ... yours and theirs.

How often are you asked/do you ask this question in a business context ...

How are you feeling?

In my experience, this single question can save a lot of time when dealing with conflict and the messy, unpredictable human element in business. And let’s face it, business is just people doing stuff!

And why would you want to get feelings on the table?

So you can respond to the whole of what’s going on at any point in time. Feelings are not facts ... when you respond to the feelings and let them be felt and released ... you then have space to discuss the “facts” in ways that actually work. And when you respond to the whole truth, everything changes.

When you unblock the feelings, you liberate yourself and your business to become what you dream.

"Feelings ... nothing more than feelings ..."

Albert Morris

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