09 February 2016

You Always Have a Choice

Ever feel like you don’t have a choice?

And there is the rub ... feeling like you don’t have a choice doesn’t mean it’s true that you don’t have a choice. What’s true is you FEEL you don’t have choice ... it’s a feeling not a fact.

Feeling like you don’t have a choice often means you are not aware of the myriad of choices actually available to you in any given moment.  There is always another choice (or two or three or a dozen) you could choose ... so when you feel like you have only one choice ... stop ... take a few deep breaths and ask yourself: “What other choices could I make right now?” and see what shows up. Chances are, the other choices will trigger a feeling that you either like or don’t like. And when you reject other choices it’s usually because you don’t like how you feel when you consider those choices.

So the next thing that happens is you choose the ONLY choice you feel ok about ... even if it’s not really what you want or need.

Often you say you don’t have a choice because you want to avoid conflict, or confrontation or feeling vulnerable or uncomfortable etc. - not because you really don’t have a choice. It’s how you don’t want to feel that’s informing the choice ... not the whole of what’s going on. And the only sustainable way to create what you consciously want is to first tell the truth about the whole of whatever is going on right now ... including how you feel ... then choose again ...

Choose to remember that you can choose anything and that you do choose everything ... and when you make a choice, something shows up ... either what you chose or something else. When you accept that whatever shows up shows you the choice you made and what you need to respond to in order to manifest what you want ... the process unfolds with ease and you get what you want.

You always have a choice ...
Just because you don’t like the other options
doesn’t mean you don’t have a choice.

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