12 November 2007

Give It Up!

Until you give up judgement (right/wrong; good/bad; negative/positive) as the default setting for your internal (and often external) communication, you will continue to experience yourself as not safe to be who you really are. You will experience others as attacking you when you do not agree and you will experience hurting yourself with your constant internal conversations full of judgements (of self and others) that keep you stuck in the loop of feeling varying levels of “not good enough” and needing to prove that you are.

When you let go of self-condemnation, self-blame, self-bashing and self-doubt (all judgement based), when you accept that whatever has occurred in the past is in the past (i.e. it’s over!!) and you let go of needing/wishing/hoping it woulda/coulda/shoulda been different - you open yourself to hear and receive love from everywhere and everyone. It’s quite remarkable how much space gets created when you let go of using your “not-good-enough” stuff as your primary reference filter and choose instead to accept and acknowledge the truth about who you really are – “the most magnificent being ever created” – as your only reference point.

Its time to give up your “not good enough” story, time to step-up and really own the truth about you really are – the creator of the whole of your own reality - powerful beyond measure, perfectly you, right here, right now – able to show up as “the most magnificent version of the greatest vision” you have ever had about yourself. Choose to remember that you are ok (and so is everyone else), that you are inherently loving energy (and so is everyone else) and whatever it looks like, whatever you feel – if you seek to connect with the loving intention in every situation, interaction and conversation – you will find it – and yourself.


"…judge not, and neither condemn, for you know not why a thing occurs or to what end."

Conversations with God 1, Neale Donald Walsch