08 December 2015

Check Your Attitude To Gratitude

If you constantly focus on what you don’t have, you will keep experiencing the relentless futility of “not-enough”. No matter how hard you wish and hope and dream and vision and choose ... an attitude of “not-enough” will simply produce more of the same.

In the paradigm of cause: I Create The Whole Of My Own Reality, the most critical distinction to get is that you create ALL of what is so ... the happy and sad, the up and the down, the “good” and the “bad” ... all of it, everything, the whole.

Yet when it comes to gratitude, you tend to focus on what you like, what you enjoy, what you find pleasing, what feels “good” and thus out of hand reject being grateful for the pain and sorrow, the suffering and misery ... all the stuff you don’t like and then you judge it as not ok and thus not worthy of your gratitude or your thanks.

The more you resist being grateful for the whole, the more you experience lack and wanting and needing and never being truly satisfied.

When you are willing to accept the whole of your own reality as your creation, when you take the position that everything you create has a purpose and is worth being grateful for, when you give thanks for the all, you will transform your experience of yourself and your world.

As the year comes to a close I am truly grateful for all that I have caused and experienced this past year. It has been extremely challenging and very rewarding in both expected and unexpected ways. Some of the greatest gifts I have received this year have come wrapped in conflict and fierce, explosive conversations ... and through it all I have experienced the fullness of my feelings and the peace that comes as I accept the whole of my own reality as my creation and give thanks ... not just for what has manifest but also for myself as creator and for having the ability to respond from love.

Thank you each and everyone of you for being in my life. Thank you for your honesty and love, for your vulnerability and willingness to call me forth out of love. I am truly blessed to know you.

Wishing you and yours a very jolly holiday time and may 2016 bring you peace and love.

"Gratitude turns everything into a gift"

10 November 2015

BEING of Service

I have just had the most delightful and surprising experience of BEING served ... by a mobile locksmith.

My back door lock refused to budge ... I turned the key and nothing. I started to feel a bit anxious ... what will I do if I can’t get the door open? My fearful mind chatter went into overdrive ... “I won’t be able to sleep tonight if I can’t get this door unlocked ...” (Gotta love the relentless persistence of the fearful ego mind!)

So I searched my local paper to find a locksmith who handled emergencies.

Call #1:
Answering machine ... scratchy, garbled message. I hung up.

Call #2:
A man answered and when I told him I needed someone today, he said “No way!”

Call #3:
“Good morning :) ... Mobilisation Locksmiths ... how can I help you?”

I could hear and feel the smile in his voice and his genuine desire to help me. After explaining my situation, Blake said he could be at my home within 20 minutes, was that suitable for me? Yes indeed!

Blake arrived within 15 minutes and as I opened the door I was struck by his energy ... he was fully present, smiling, hand held out to shake mine. When I led him into my dining room (where I was running a mentoring day for a group of three), he smiled and introduced himself and shook hands. Wow, I was already impressed with this young man and he hadn’t DONE anything ... yet.

He got down to business and within 30 minutes had removed the lock, replaced a part, serviced it, restored the mechanism to full, smooth functionality and he also fixed one of the keys which was bent. I happily paid him and he left, thanking me for calling him.

What a joy to BE served by someone who gets the value of BEING present and open and willing to do what it takes. And he was. The whole experience left me and my group of three smiling and talking about his energy, his presence and his willingness to be of service ... referenced at various times throughout our whole day.

As a result, I want to tell everyone about him and his service:
So Blake Cole of www.mobilisationlocksmiths.com.au this is for you.

"Our own self-realisation is the greatest service
we can render the world"

Ramana Maharshi

13 October 2015

The Business Of Feelings

Your feelings and how you react or respond to emotional complexity is one of the most important things to master when building a successful business.

Yet this is not a subject that I have ever seen adequately addressed in any training, MBA Program or University Degree about how to run a successful business!

Every problem you have in business (and in life) can be traced back to some emotional blockage. If you want to change something that’s not working; transform a relationship or situation; resolve a conflict ... first you need to tell the truth about what’s actually going on right now.

You probably know how to tell most of the truth ... and yet when things don’t change, it’s because you have left out the most critical element of the whole truth ... the feelings ... yours and theirs.

How often are you asked/do you ask this question in a business context ...

How are you feeling?

In my experience, this single question can save a lot of time when dealing with conflict and the messy, unpredictable human element in business. And let’s face it, business is just people doing stuff!

And why would you want to get feelings on the table?

So you can respond to the whole of what’s going on at any point in time. Feelings are not facts ... when you respond to the feelings and let them be felt and released ... you then have space to discuss the “facts” in ways that actually work. And when you respond to the whole truth, everything changes.

When you unblock the feelings, you liberate yourself and your business to become what you dream.

"Feelings ... nothing more than feelings ..."

Albert Morris

08 September 2015

Who Says You Should Have To?

Shoulding all over yourself and others is a guaranteed strategy to stop you getting the outcome you want in your communication and relationships.

Every time you find yourself thinking: “I shouldn’t have to tell that person ... how I feel; what I expect; what I need ... because they should know” and then agree with your thoughts and feelings, you stop effective communication in it’s tracks. The result - you end up feeling frustrated, unsatisfied and righteous! And nothing changes.

Everyone makes up their own meaning about whatever is going on. What you perceive as rudeness or a personal attack is often not what is consciously intended from the other side. Yet time and time again you react emotionally to this perceived attack as if the other is deliberately doing something to “make you” feel the way you do.

Remember this: Other people do not necessarily share your view of the world. Other people cannot read your mind and if you don’t tell them what you mean, they cannot respond effectively.

And that’s the issue. Your unwillingness to communicate openly, honestly, clearly, directly and completely when you feel emotionally triggered is because of how you feel. Then you get stuck in your head, convincing yourself that you are feeling the way you do because of someone else’s behaviour. You tell yourself that “they should know better” and thus feel you shouldn’t have to say anything or do anything about it because “they should know”.

Yet, the truth is, they don’t know what you mean if you don’t tell them. No matter how many times you think “but they should know ...” it doesn’t change anything.

So next time you are caught up “shoulding’” all over the place, stop, take a breath ... allow your feelings to move through you ... and speak up.

"If it should have
it would have"

11 August 2015

Giving Can Be Hard To Take

As a child, I was told that it’s better to give than to receive and at the same time I was also told I must be grateful and thankful when given to ... no matter how I felt about the “gift” or the giver.

The resultant confusion stemming from this childhood conditioning set-up a belief pattern in me that said giving is ok (and it feels good) but taking (receiving) really is not (and it feels uncomfortable).

Every time someone acknowledged me, I felt an immediate need to push back, give something in return and avoid letting myself fully receive. I was always keen to be the first to offer help; to pick up the tab for coffee or a meal; to give happily whenever I saw an opportunity. What I didn’t realise was that my need to be the “giver” left very little space for anyone to truly give to me. My reluctance to “take” was preventing others the joy of giving to me.

I realised (once again) this was my fearful ego-mind fuelling the notion that I didn’t deserve it or hadn’t worked hard enough/done enough/given enough to really be worthy of being given to. The old not-good-enough stuff ... again!!

So I chose to learn how to truly give and receive. I decided to simply say thank you when someone offered to pay for the coffee, to say thank you when someone gave me something ... an acknowledgement, some help, advice or a gaily wrapped package! I also chose to respond to the feelings that arise, to acknowledge my “childish” reactions and allow the feelings to release without having to give in to the story and the drama over and over. It’s not easy ... I still have times when I feel uncomfortable receiving. And when I do, I stop and take a deep breath and remind myself ... it’s a feeling, not a fact ... let it go ... and let myself receive anyway.

There is no real giving without receiving. Two sides of the same coin and when one side is missing ... there is no integrity ... no wholeness. 

So the next time someone gives you something ... say thank you. In that you will know the joy of receiving which is a gift to the giver.

"Don’t be so greedy with your giving ..."


14 July 2015

Who Are You Kidding?

Last week while waiting at the the pedestrian lights to cross a main road in the CBD, a woman with a pram in one hand and a small boy holding the other approached, looked both ways then proceeded to cross the road, seeming to ignore the bright red “Don’t Walk” sign. Her toddler cried out: "No, mummy, the light is red...” whereupon the mother said, “It’s ok” and kept going, taking the reluctant small boy with her.

Now I can’t know if they talked about this further or indeed if the mother said anything at all to ally her child’s concern. I understand why she did what she did: She had checked and deemed it safe to cross and she did. This is a common occurrence in our busy cities. Lots of people all in a hurry to get somewhere and deciding in the moment what risks to take to get wherever quicker ... often with a lack of awareness of how their behaviour impacts those around them.

What I noticed was the energy of fear I felt from the child and it took me back to the first time in my childhood when my mother told me “everything is all right” when clearly it wasn’t. I remember feeling very scared about what was happening and when mum said what she did, I decided that what I was feeling must be wrong ... and by association that meant I was wrong ... not good enough ... painful and confusing.

Many years later, well into my personal journey, I had an 'ah-hah’ moment about this: her intention was loving and her communication was incomplete. I realised that my mother said what she did to reassure me that everything would be ok - that she was in charge and not putting us at risk. However she didn’t communicate this explicitly to me ... she took the short-cut and said what she wanted me to hear: “everything IS all right” as if declaring it would make it so for me. What she didn’t know how to do was to acknowledge and respond to what I was feeling as well as telling me it would be ok. She did what she knew how to do out of her past - not safe to get “emotional”, let your intellect lead the way. A belief pattern that I also took on from an early age!

Becoming emotionally aware, resourced and up-to-date has been a conscious focus throughout my own journey and in the work I do. Opening up about my childhood feelings with my mother and other family members has been healing and liberating. And I am very fortunate to have been able to have this specific conversation with my mother in the later years of her life.

I hope the mother and child I encountered last week have a chance to do the same.

"Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate."


02 June 2015

Stop Apologising!

Wandering through the supermarket the other day, I stopped to wait for a woman with two small children to move so I could get past. When she noticed me waiting, she began apologising profusely. I told her it was not necessary, nothing happened that needed an apology but alas ... it fell on deaf ears. As she hurried herself and her children away, softly muttering “so sorry ...” I was struck by how often people apologise for things that don’t warrant the air time ...

Just another insidious way the sticky “not-good-enough” stuff rears it’s fearful head and leads the way in your unconscious behaviours, actions and communication.

The need to apologise for every little thing is an automatic program that runs when you are not present, not mindful, not aware ... and taking things personally. The incident in the supermarket is a very common example of what happens when we leave our bodies and forget who we are ... and where we are. The need to apologise is more about wanting to be seen to be ok and feel ok than anything else. I know that you will probably argue that being sorry and genuinely apologising has a place ... and paradoxically I agree ... as long as you are clear about the context and intention. And when the circumstances genuinely warrant it.

Apologising when you become aware that you have caused pain, upset, distress, fear etc is a powerful way to acknowledge yourself as cause in the matter and will give you the next clear step to take in your healing and transformation.

That is very different to apologising for every little thing, unconsciously and automatically.

So stop apologising for showing up, for being you in all your magnificent, messy, human, imperfect perfection.

And next time you are tempted to say sorry ... check your context and intention.

"Stop apologising for things you didn’t even do."

05 May 2015

So You Think You’ve Got It Handled

Such a tantalising delusion!

So much heartache spared, so much fuss and aggro side-stepped, so much feeling not needing to ever be felt again ... that’s the intoxicating myth of the notion: “I’ve got it handled”.

Every time you think: “I’ve got it handled” or “I’ve dealt with that issue/person/thought or thing” notice what happens ... it always, always, always comes back ... oft in a different disguise, yet those unacknowledged feelings still lurking within will be unleashed ... again!

You see the process of becoming you is never done ... never complete, never finished. No matter how hard you try to handle every “issue” that occurs, you will not (and can not) stop experiencing yourself in all of your full blown, messy, unpredictable, emotionally rich and viscerally dense humanness.

This is the human journey, the gig of being human is never-ending as long as you are in this body - in this polarised, paradoxical world we share. The choice to BE who you are is a process that is infinite, eternal and unrelenting. The notion that you can be “done” is just another example of the insidious fearful thinking emanating from the ego mind ... not based in truth or love and certainly not achievable.

So what do you do now?

Relax ... breathe ... and remember the ultimate purpose of being human is to BE the most magnificent you that you can imagine moment by moment by moment. It is a process of BEING here now and doing whatever you choose to do, knowing that who you are is the source of all that you experience and you get to choose what happens next.

Life is not about handling anything really, it’s about experiencing all of it so you can choose who you want to be and what you really want without condemning that which you do not choose.

"The process of becoming human is never complete and never finished."

Robert Fisher

07 April 2015

Being Kind Trumps Criticism

I’ve had a revelation this past week ... being kind trumps criticism!

It started with a visit to Sydney by my sister for her 60th birthday. We have a close relationship yet sometimes I find it very challenging to be kind rather than critical of her behaviour when I do not agree.  It is an old habit and one I have found very difficult to break. This time I chose to be conscious and aware of my own insidious tendency to get stuck in my head, ramping up the infernal, internal dialogue of criticism and judgement.

It started well, I felt peaceful and detached and told myself that whatever happened, I was going to be loving and kind ... and it was going really well for about 2 hours! Then something happened and straight away I felt myself getting frustrated and the internal judgemental, critical chatter began: “why is she doing this?” “She should know better” “Is she just doing this to get at me” etc etc. I didn’t say anything, I just felt it all swirling around in my head and in my body. And then I realised my sister was reacting to my judgemental energy ... I didn’t need to voice my criticism because she could feel it emanating from me anyway ... and then she started to react in kind.

What happened next is what began to change everything ...

Rather than simply engage in the old habit of pushing back and fuelling the A<>B conversation, instead of  needing to be “right” by making her “wrong” ... I stopped, I took a breath and I chose to let go of my critical thinking, I chose to let go of needing her to change so I felt better, I chose to connect with being loving  rather than agree once again with my fearful thinking ... and I felt my energy shift.

And so did hers!

I experienced a profound sense of peace and the weekend continued as I had consciously intended ... loving, kind, peaceful and lots of fun. Oh yes, we had a few more moments of tension sprinkled throughout the next 3 days yet the cloying stickiness of the internal judge had loosened somewhat so neither of us got stuck like rats on the wheel of our old painful way of relating.

Once again the message was simple ... though not at all easy!
Being kind, being loving, being who I AM ... particularly when challenged by someone I love ... produces a loving response in return.

"Be kind whenever possible.
It is always possible."

Dalai Lama

10 March 2015

It’s Never About The Money!

One thing guaranteed to trap you in an endless fear-fuelled, ego-mind whirlpool of infernal, internal self-critical dialogue is a perceived lack/shortage of money.

In fact, there is nothing like the “money conversation” to start a whirlpool of emotional turmoil that has nowhere to go but inward, ever inward ...

And yet, it’s NEVER about the money.

No matter how much you want to resist what I am saying and convince me that it really is a lack of money that stops you from being, doing and having what you say you want, I know it’s not about the money.

In the paradigm of cause, money is just a form of energy and as such shows you where your energy is flowing and where it is blocked.  When you decide you want something, then say “I can’t afford it” or “I can’t have it because I don’t have the money” you get to be right. You don’t get to have what you say you want ... and you do get to be right ... because whatever you believe is true is what you will experience. So every time you say “I can’t ...” you are affirming what you believe and you manifest exactly that, the experience of lack, of not enough, of “I cannot ...”

This insidious loop is simply another form of the “not good enough” stuff and every time you buy into it, you keep yourself safe from having to confront the whole truth about who you are and what’s actually going on.

And there it is ... who you are is powerful beyond measure. Who you are is divine, perfect love. Who you are is able to create and manifest anything you can imagine ... if only you would let yourself go there instead of running down the rabbit hole of not good enough when you feel scared.

Remember, feelings are NOT facts ... feel the feelings, let go and choose who you want to be and what you want to do and have ... then respond to whatever shows up from the paradigm of Love and you’ll discover, it’s never about the money!

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate,
our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure"

Marianne Williamson

10 February 2015

Stop Taking Things Personally!

Sounds so simple ... yet so hard to simply stop taking some things personally, particularly when you know you are right!  The overwhelm of intense emotion is a sure-fire trigger for your nervous system to quickly head into “fight or flight” and with nowhere else to go, you shutdown or avoid or placate or fight hard. Whatever the choice, the outcome is usually the same: not what you really want.

Well this is just another vicious and viscous cycle of “not-good-enough/making yourself wrong”... just another way your fearful ego-mind engages you in the dance of fear and down the rabbit-hole you go.

Yet there’s wisdom and resolution hidden in this gem of an oft used cliche:

When you ... stop ... and get present to who you are and what is happening ... when you ... stop ... and take a breath and remember that the feelings are not facts, they are just feelings ... and you let them move through you without making up a whole lot of “not-good-enough” stories about yourself ... when you simply accept, allow and appreciate that whatever is occurring, is occurring ... when you stop taking what happens externally as meaning anything about you and instead remember that all feedback is simply showing you what impact you have been having in the world ... you can then choose to change the way you react and begin responding with love instead.

It’s not easy but it is possible to move to a place in yourself where you can be with your feelings without becoming them, where you can truly appreciate the moments without automatically sorting everything into good/bad or right/wrong. A place of equanimity and peace. And as with all things you choose to master, it does require diligence and rigor and practice ... a willingness to grow and change and do the inner work ... and support to help you along the way as you support and help others on their way. 

Always the key is remaining mindful and aware of who you are - magnificent, lovable, valuable creative being - while you navigate your way through the human experience.

"Men are not disturbed by things
but by the view which they take of them"

20 January 2015

There’s Magic In The Moments

Here we are again ... the start of a new year ... a blank canvas of endless possibilities ...

And for so many, the delight in painting a picture of your choosing is often overshadowed (once again) by the infernal, internal ego-mind endlessly sorting through a list of what “you should choose because it would be good for you ...”

Well that won’t work out any better than it ever has.

So this year I suggest you do something different and instead of agreeing with the “shoulds” focus instead on WHO you could BE moment by moment.

By letting go of any need to prescribe or control the minute details of every-day life and instead allowing yourself to BE who you choose to BE in each moment of every-day life, you will discover the joy of BEING all that you are while you do whatever you choose to do.

So choose who you wish to BE this year and make it your number one priority every day. It takes rigour and discipline and intention and attention to BEING while you are doing whatever you are moved to do.

And the really cool thing is this, when you fully surrender to BEING all that you are, it really doesn’t matter what you do ... and thus you are truly free to do whatever you can imagine, whatever you desire, whatever you want ...

Because there’s magic in the moments of being.

"We are here to achieve an uplifted mode of being"

Marianne Williamson, Illuminata